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Catalyst emulator SK-02a

The emulator is designed to simulate the operation of the oxygen sensor behind catalyst mainly for cars of up to 2005 model year. It is installed after removal of the catalyst or in case of a malfunction of the oxygen sensor.

Full description of the emulator

Download instruction (pdf)
Эмулятор катализатора  SK-02 схема и инструкция


Emulator of oxygen sensor and MAF sensor SK-04

Emulator SK-04 is designed to regenerate (emulate) the signals of oxygen sensors and any other analogue signal within the range 0 …. 5V. There is the possibility to correct the mixture in separate engine run modes with the use of computer.

Read full description

Загрузить инструкцию эмулятора MAF  SK-04

Download software

- just unpack the archive and the program is ready to work

MAF emulator SK-04 - instructions and diagrams Software emulator MAF SK-04



Diesel particulate filter emulator DPF SK-05

Remove the DPF particulate filter and replace it with an SK-05 emulator without interfering with the ECU program. Detailed description

Download DPF emulator manual SK-05

Program for writing settings templates to the emulator,

Full software version on request.

 DPF emulator instruction The program for the emulator SK-05 


Catalyst emulator SK-06

The emulator is intended primarily for Japanese cars until 2009 release. You can pick up  the lambda emulator B1S2 here.

Download manual (pdf)
 Emulator lambda and catalyst SK-06


Catalyst emulator SK-07

Designed to simulate the signal of the oxygen sensor after the catalyst. Affects fuel consumption, 2 year warranty. Read more

Download manual (pdf)
 Catalyst emulator SK-07 for B1S2 sensor


Catalyst emulator SK-08

This emulator is intended for vehicles with a defective rear oxygen sensor B1S2, and the front broadband sensors LAF or AFR, which have a 4 or 5-wire with current signal. The emulator measures the current sensor front and rear oxygen sensor generates a signal. Detailed description

Download manual SK-08 (pdf)


Diesel particulate filter emulator DPF SK-09

The emulator disables the DPF particulate filter without flashing the engine control unit. The emulator adapts itself to the car. See detailed description

Download DPF emulator manual SK-09


 Software for advanced emulator configuration available on request. 

 DPF emulator SK-09 instructions for disabling the particulate filter    Software for advanced setup of the diesel particulate filter emulator


Fuel Mix Optimizer SD-04

It is used as an alternative to the engine tuning chip for almost any car - gasoline or diesel. Detailed...

 Download manual optimizer sd-04  

Download software

- just unpack the archive and the program is ready to work.

 Fuel Optimizer SD-04    ПО эмулятора MAF SK-04


Automatic PWM M1-03

Automatic PWM controller for HHO electrolysis (for Brown’s gas production systems). More...

Download instructions for the PWM current modulator M1-03
 Модулятор тока ШИМ М1-03


Engine Water Injection System Ecomax-3

Read more

Download the water injection system manual Ecomax-3  Download software
Engine Water Injection System Ecomax   Software for water injection system Ecomax



Allows you to diagnose gas nozzles, configure HBO, built-in oscilloscope will provide ample opportunities for the diagnosis of electronic and mechanical components of the motor. Detailed...

Download manual GBO injector tester (rus) Download software
GBO injector tester GBO injector tester


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