We are designers and manufacturers of the main part of the products presented on the site .

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation organizations and entrepreneurs who want to become our regional representatives or market our product . Our affiliate network is constantly expanding and consists of companies that are ready and able to implement solutions based on the products of its customers in SDS .
We can offer you a wide variety of types of cooperation - from occasional contacts and ending long-term joint projects .
We give you a competitive advantage :

  • Fair price ;
  • Flexible system of discounts ;
  • Technical support and maintenance;
  • Constant availability of products for the order;
  • The warranty period for products 1 or 2 years ;
  • Advertising support ;
  • Own laboratory for testing their own products ;
  • Quick response to the complaint ;
  • We value quality , so use only high quality components from trusted manufacturers .

For site owners
Can make without worrying about sales organization. Just put on your site for you sgenerirovnnuyu link to the product and we will arrange everything for you. In this case , you will receive a percentage of sales. We guarantee full transparency of partnerships. To learn more - svzhites with us and make a request.
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Refer a friend and get a percentage !
Your friend can get 5 % discount on the goods, and we'll credit you 5% of the value of the goods . To do this, refer a friend discount coupon , which he will introduce in the order form . Get a coupon you can make a claim.
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Our advantages

You can return any product purchased from us within 2 weeks, if for some reason it does not suit you or you do not like it. Also, we provide a free test of the Brown's gas generator for a period up to 1 month!

On all products we sell, we offer a guarantee for a period from 1 to 2 years (depending on the type of product).

Most of goods we offer can improve the performance of a car without violation of the guarantee for it.

Most of the products we offer we produce ourselves! This enables our customers not only to purchase products at competitive prices, but also to make clear immediately all the questions they have on the installation and use of the devices.