Particulate filter emulator SK-09 or removal without firmware replacing
Particulate filter emulator SK-09 or removal without firmware replacing

Particulate filter emulator SK-09 or removal without firmware replacing

The emulator disables DPF particulate filter without the firmware replacing of the engine control unit.

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Emulator SK-09 using. The particulate filter disabling and removing

The emulator allows you permanently solve the problem with the removal of the diesel particulate filter and get rid of the problems associated with it for a small price.
Emulator SK-09 was modified in 2017 of the version SK-05, taking into accounts our and our representatives long-term experience. The main differences of the new models are improved algorithms and the adapting possibility for the car. Now you do not need program the emulator program for a specific vehicle! It will prepare and choose for itself a required program!
There are the following advantages of this method:

  • It allows avoid reprograming the engine control unit (ECU) and the drive at the factory preinstalled program, because the modified program is inside the emulator;
  • Any electrician can install an emulator, because the model SK-09 adapts itself to the vehicle. The electrician will erase the errors only;
  • There is not any risk of new problems if the incorrect software disables;
  • It is absolutely compatible with all diesel cars;
  • If the car has a warranty, the dealers do not terminate the guarantees under this method of solving the problem with a particulate filter.


The emulator advantages over other methods of particulate filter problems solution

For example, there are some disadvantages of the known methods.
1. The filter rinse: the result will be, but a short time only. You will have to wash again soon...
2. Installation of mechanical trompe l'oeil for creation a differential pressure: it has been worked in some of the first vehicles with a particulate filter (approximately to 2006). Now it is useless because the ECU takes into account temperatures and pressures characteristic behaviour in different situations.
3. You cannot just throw out stuffing. The ECU immediately determines it. A power limit and error codes effect and likely "locomotive" blue smoke appear.
4. Software trip (firmware 'brain' replacing). If the procedure is correct then everything works fine, but who will tell you everything is done correctly or incorrectly. "Wrong" firmware replacing is usually done hacked or "unfinished" programs that can cause the following unpleasant consequences:
- Even in emergency situations, check engine indicator never lights up, and you will know about the problem when the car refused drive only;
- Some car features such as cruise control, etc. may refuse to operate;
- We are faced with situations where you even replace firmware, the engine refused to work properly.
5. Forced regeneration often helps, but for a while. It's time to think about the particulate filter removal.
Emulator deprived of all shortcomings, because you need connect the wires only.

How does it work?

An emulator is a device that generates a sensor signals controlling the operation of the particulate filter so that the ECU thought it was clean.
What options are generated and thereby:

  • Differential or absolute pressure, 1 or 2 exhaust gas temperature, an additional pressure sensor signal if it is available in a car are simulated;
  • Thermodynamic model of the particulate filter (heat, impact of chemical reactions, the dependence of the parameters of temperature and pressure) is taken into account;
  • Particulate filter emulator SK-09 is adapted to the car by pressing the button for one trip (5 minutes). The emulator registers a few tables and about 20 different parameters for itself, during the adaptation;
  • Particulate filter. Filling and regeneration can also be simulated in some cars;
  • All parameters are generated based on the measured air flow rates, a temperature in the exhaust system, and in rare cases, ambient (absolute) pressure.

Connection of the diesel particulate filter emulator

How to check if particulate filter is clogged or is not?

The first signs of a problem may be a loss of power, glowing icons on the dashboard like a spiral, motor icon and particulate filter icon. Typically, the oil level increases because fuel enters during regeneration. It degrades the properties of the oil and can lead to engine failure. Signs of frequent regeneration are increased fuel consumption.
You can check it accurately, using the diagnostic scanner. You can usually see the corresponding error codes, the differential pressure is too high or unchangeable (if a filter crumbled or absent).

If the problem is unfixed timely, it can lead to other unpleasant consequences. For example:

  • The EGR ceases to work normally and is clogged; 
  • Turbine operates in inadequate conditions and there is a possibility of its damaging;
  • Dilution of oil entails the loss of lubricating properties, excessive level increase can cause a water hammer;
  • The car can refuse to start.


Causes of problems with particulate filter and a warning

The conditions for filter operation provide the strongest influence on the particulate filter resource. More precisely:

  • Driving style. The particulate filter does not "love" short trips and pushing in traffic jams. It causes the unsuccessful regenerations, which its service life shorts significantly;
  • Poor quality fuel may bring particulate filter system of 100 km run literally. The same poor quality fuels effects the loss of properties of the catalyst bed (the catalyst, which is installed with filter), causing in many cases impossible regeneration, because the appropriate temperature cannot be reached. Use fuel is not worse than the Euro-5 standard.
  • Improper maintenance. Use of fuel, oil and lubricants, which are not intended for use in cars with the particulate filter, also reduces its life.


How does particulate filter work?

Consider the main points of working the system with the DPF filter. We will not focus on the chemical processes that occur in the particulate filter for improvement readability. We describe all for the average person understanding.
Particulate filter operation is controlled by a pressure sensor and one or more temperature sensors.
During normal operation of the engine, the exhaust gases are first neutralized (neutralized) in the catalyst, and then pass through the small cells of the DPF filter, which hold soot. The differential pressure gradually increased according to the soot accumulation. Due to these processes the temperature of the particulate filter increases. Part of soot can burn during the motion, when the temperature is about 400-500 degrees, and it is called a passive regeneration. Upon reaching a certain threshold of soot accumulation, which is calculated by the ECU, the active regeneration of the particulate filter is run. If regeneration is active, the additional fuel is injected into the exhaust system, the EGR valve is closed, which gives more oxygen (air) to regenerate. Additional fuel supply can be executed by an additional nozzle or the main injector before opening of the exhaust valve. Once in the catalyst, this fuel mixture begins to burn (catalyst raises the temperature even more), and with it, soot burns at a temperature of 500-650 degrees, turning into carbon monoxide CO2. Successful regeneration occurs on average every 500 km. Then the cycle repeats again.
So, as the parameters in the exhaust system depend on the operation mode:

  • The differential pressure depends on the flow of exhaust gases, the amount of soot and temperature.
  • The temperature difference before and after the catalyst depends on the value of lambda in the exhaust, the combustion process of soot and amount of soot.
  • The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the particulate filter depends on the differential pressure and the soot combustion process.

Александр 2018-10-15

Mercedes Sprinter 2.2

Установил сам. Обучил, сбросил ошибки. Прошла уже неделя - все хорошо.

Valera 2018-05-09

Renault 1.5

Установили на рено меган. Все четко. полет нормальный

Влад 2017-05-24


Удалили сажевый фильтр на Фиат 2,3. блок эмулятора сам адаптировался, езжу уже месяц. Все хорошо.

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Particulate filter emulator SK-09 or removal without firmware replacing

Particulate filter emulator SK-09 or removal without firmware replacing

The emulator disables DPF particulate filter without the firmware replacing of the engine control unit.

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