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Our auto repair in Zaporozhye

Auto Service performs virtually all types of repair and diagnostics of the vehicle.

  • Diagnosis and repair of electronic systems 
  • Removal of catalyst 
  • Repair exhaust system 
  • Diagnosis and repair of chassis 
  • Diagnosis and repair of motor 
  • Boring brake discs without removing from the vehicle 
  • Computer camber and toe 
  • Flushing the fuel injectors 
  • and much more.

Connecting Emulator catalyst SK-07

Description of connecting the emulator catalyst SK-07 European and Korean cars. 
The emulator is designed to address problems with the replacement of the catalyst and the rear oxygen sensor.

Switching programs - catalyst emulator SK-07

Adjustment of catalyst emulator SK-02, reduction of fuel consumption


Many of us have an own car. By virtue of different reasons there is a necessity of replacement of expensive elements of engine or change of parameters of engine...

This video tells about devices allowing considerably to save on motor-car service and principle of action of these devices. Namely:

  • Emulator of catalyst(обманка is a lambda, an emulator is a lambda of probe) - this device allows to substitute an expensive catalyst by an emulator.
  • Emulator of soot filter(FAP/DPF) - allows to delete a soot filter.
  • An emulator is a lambda and MAF - allows to get rid from front and back lambda of probes, sensor of expense of air of MAF. An emulator allows to correct quality fuel - to air mixture. In a complete set with an emulator software is supplied.


The chip of tuning of engine is told in this video about alternative methods.

Worked out the totals for the use chip of blocks on petrol and diesel cars.

Told about the methods of increasing power and economy of fuel by affecting signals of sensors and fuel sprayers.


In video the brief review of devices is given from SDS.

These devices will help to economize on maintenance of car, fuel.

There are devices for increasing power.

    1. 1. Economy of fuel.
    2. 2. An alternative chip tuning.
    3. 3. Emulators of catalyst and soot filter.



The stand for gas injectors diagnostics

GBO injector tester Allows you to diagnose gas injectors, adjust the HBO, built-in oscilloscope will provide extensive opportunities for diagnosing any electronic systems.
Some possibilities of the tester for the diagnosis of gas injectors:
- Performance measurement
- timing of raising and lowering the needle
- delay in opening and closing the injector
- nozzle current
- tuning and testing of HBO
- and other parameters


Our advantages

You can return any product purchased from us within 2 weeks, if for some reason it does not suit you or you do not like it. Also, we provide a free test of the Brown's gas generator for a period up to 1 month!

On all products we sell, we offer a guarantee for a period from 1 to 2 years (depending on the type of product).

Most of goods we offer can improve the performance of a car without violation of the guarantee for it.

Most of the products we offer we produce ourselves! This enables our customers not only to purchase products at competitive prices, but also to make clear immediately all the questions they have on the installation and use of the devices.