particulate filter emulator SK-05
particulate filter emulator SK-05

particulate filter emulator SK-05

• savings in cleaning, repair and replacement of the particulate filter (cost of new filter is starting at $1000);

no warning light (OBD error regarding FAP filter);

warranty 1 year (extended warranty and special price for wholesale customers) with free technical support by email;

ATTENTION! Appeared fake emulators SK-05. Buy emulators only like in the photos on this site.

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Functions of the particulate filter emulator SK-05

Signs of defective particulate filter

Principle of operation of the emulator

particulate filter emulator Since 2005 the environmental standard Euro-4 was introduced, and since 2009 standard Euro-5, which regulates rate of environmental emissions. It is for this reason that diesel-engined cars, producing since 2004, are equipped with particulate filters.

The following filters were widely used:

1) enclosed-type DPF particulate filter;

2) FAP particulate filter with regeneration function.

Particulate filter blende (removal of FAP/DPF) allows to accurately reproduce all signals connected by the filter.

 Advantages of the particulate filter emulator (removal): 

• savings in cleaning, repair and replacement of the particulate filter (cost of new filter is starting at $1000);

• error P2002 (malfunction of system of waste gases neutralization) will never arise again, the engine runs in normal mode;

• when removing the particulate filter the capacity increases due to reduction of resistance;

• the particulate filter (catalyst) on diesel will not cause troubles anymore;

• when installing the particulate filter emulator the control unit is nit opened;

• engine runs according to the manufacture program as it should.

 Take into account that inexpert program removal of the particulate filter may lead to that the malfunction lamp on the instrument panel will never light again and untimely elimination of malfunctions may damage the engine. During program removal the engine operating modes can change and nobody knows how it will affect it.

Will need to connect 7 wires to different sensors of the car (+5V and ground, MAF, first and second temperature sensors, and differential pressure sensor).Will need to remove entrails of the FAP filter. Therefore, we strongly recommend to perform installation ONLY BY auto SPECIALIST

MAF and temperature sensor have to be in good working condition! No water leaks into the emulator!

Differences of particulate filter emulators 




Adaptation (writing program in the emulator is not required, it is trained itself)



Improved accuracy, improved thermodynamic models



Additional pressure sensor support



Connectors compatibility



The emulators are identical in the rest


Signs of defective particulate filter

 Occurrence of the error of P2002, which indicates the low efficiency of FAP/DPF, as well as indication on the instrument panel. In case of FAP/DPF filter breakdown the power reduces, instability of engine running appears, fuel consumption increases and smoke increases.

The following sign of malfunction is increase of oil level. If the particulate filteris dirty, the control unit tends to turn the regeneration mode on. In this case more fuel run into engine in order to hit higher temperature of exhaust gases, which results in partial combustion of soot accumulated on the particulate filter. However, increased pressure also promotes fuel to run into the crankcase. It may result in engine breakdown, therefore we don’t recommend to operate the car in such situation!

Originally diesel particulate filtersand catalyst were designed for Europe countries, in which there are strict standards for fuel. We often pay no regard for them. Low-quality fuel accelerates process of contamination and depreciation of the particulate filter.

 Cleaning of the particulate filters(repair) provides short-term results.

  Melted particulate filter.



 Principle of operation of the particulate filter (FAP / DPF) 

Particulate filter is a matrix structure of ceramics (silicon carbide), enclosed in metal casing. All matrix cells are parallel located channels which are alternately opened and closed on the one side (inlet and outlet), separated by filter walls, which are covered by zirconium and aluminum oxides. These filter walls act as a catalyst support, which promotes reaction chemical behavior, but thus does not form new compounds and does not change itself. As the filter has porous structure with alternately closed channels, waste gases pass through porous walls and soot particles in inlet valves.


 Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is enclosed-type filter. When exhaust gases pass through it, small soot particles (0,1-1 microns) are retained. As these filters have no automatic regeneration system, it is necessary to periodically clean the particulate filter. Otherwise, error P2002 with all consequences may occur.


 Particulate filter with automatic regeneration (FAP) in exhaust system is installed behind the catalyst converter. Regeneration occurs due to injection of special additive in the fuel, which increases the temperature of exhaust gases. When filling the particulate filter the control unit sends a signal to inject the additive containing zirconium, thanks to which the temperature of waste gases increases and the filter is heated to required temperatures. Under the influence of such temperature the soot burns down.


 The majority of modern diesel cars have diesel particulate filter, combined with an oxidizing catalyst, which is located in front part of the filter. He performs the functions of filter FAP/DPF and catalyst.

  For provision of ceaseless mode of particulate filter operation many sensors are used in control system, which are absent in a gasoline engine. 


  1. Instrument panel
  2. Electrical control unit
  3. Mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  4. Diesel engine
  5. Temperature sensor in front of the turbine
  6. Turbine
  7. Temperature sensor in front of the particulate filter
  8. Oxygen sensor
  9. Particulate filter (FAP / DPF)
  10. Pressure differential sensor on the particulate filter
  11. Temperature sensor behind the particulate filter

  FAP / DPF particulate filter behind the turbine is installed in immediate proximity of the motor.


 The soot is accumulated in the filter during operation of the car, it adversely affects the engine running. The excessive quantity of the soot in the filter promotes high pressure in the system and prevents waste gas exhaust.

 Therefore, the process of regeneration is necessary.

 There are passive and active regeneration.

  Types of regeneration, depending on the filling degree of the FAP / DPF filter


Passive regeneration

  Passive regeneration occurs without any intervention in the control system. It is possible, if load on the engine is sufficient (above average), at this conditions more fuel is injected to the engine, thus waste gas temperature increases. The temperature increase promotes partial combustion of soot.  The process of the passive regeneration is affected by catalyst which promotes reaction chemical behavior – conversion of soot to carbon dioxide.

  In urban mode and especially in long traffic jams, passive regeneration is practically reduced to «0», resulting particulate filter quickly become unusable. The removal of particulate filter (FAP / DPF) is the right decision in such a situation.  

Active regeneration

  Active regeneration is created with the use of the task-oriented control of diesel engine, at which the temperature of 600-650 Cis achieved. In order to raise the temperature up to this limit control system performs the following actions:  

  • Waste gas recirculation is stopped, thereby the temperature of fuel combustion increases
  • Additional portion of the fuel is injected in the engine at fuel injection stroke
  • Air supply to the engine is reduced;
  • Additional injection of fuel is made on waste gas exhaust stroke, at this fuel and exhaust gases pass to FAP / DPF particulate filter and combust in it;
  • Charging pressure is changed and maintained at such level at which the driver do not notice transition to the regeneration mode.  

Emulator SK 05 – function principle

  Emulator of particulate filter precisely repeats all sensor signals that are received in working mode of the device. With the help of a three-dimensional model, SK-05 recreates all physical and chemical processes that occur in the filter.

  Signals of pressure and temperature differential sensors are formed. At this the following factors are considered:  

  • Waste gas temperature;
  • Air flow in the system;
  • Heat capacity of the particulate filter;
  • Thermodynamics of the original exhaust system of waste gas;
  • The effect of chemical processes occurring in the particulate filter on the readings of the sensors;
  • Monitoring of the regeneration beginning;
  • The behavior of the filter during regeneration is emulated and the degree of filling is increased.

  Emulator particulate filter is completely ready for operation upon delivery.

  We provide our dealers and representatives with software that allows you to create a behavioral model for any car brand.  To simplify this task there is a self-learning function, due to which the emulator can partially configure for this model itself.

  The software allows you to copy and transfer developed behavioral models for any car, record and store all parameters related with FAP / DPF filter in real-time mode. 

Download version of the program for recording pre-designed templates settings


Download installation instructions abbreviated

Video: record setting template

A list of some cars.




2,0 D-CAT, D4D

RAV-4, Avensis, Auris, Corolla

2,2 D-CAT, D4D



 Dyna, Land Cruiser, Hiace, Hilux










Transit, Focus




Combo, Vectra, Vivaro, Zafira






Trafic, Symbol, Megane.

ЭБУ Siemens и Delphi.




A4, A5, A6, Q7

Под различные версии системы управления.







Primera, Navara, X-Trail








Crafter, Golf, Passat, T5






Sprinter, ML320, W212, W220, E200

ЭБУ Delphi и Bosh





Doblo, Punto


XC70, XC90


Hino Dutro




Ssang Yong 






  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Number of channels: 3
  • Type MAF: Analog/impulse
  • A method of processing a signal of the oxygen sensor: Эмуляция и обработка
  • Size: 110х65х33
  • Power: 5В от датчика перепада
  • Warranty: 1 year
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The emulator comes pre-programmed. You need to check the parameters in accordance with the instructions and draw conclusions.
Usually problems arise due to improper connection.
It is necessary to do a diesel particulate filter reset scanner OBD2.
Perhaps the recorded program is not suitable for the car and you need to replace it. We provide software for free

Kaitano Mpulamasaka 2019-07-18

Need technical assistance

Need help with install instructions. I seem to have connected all wires correctly buy the other green light on emulator not flashing and car still in safe mode. Which wires can I directly check. It's my first use on this type emulator, I have installed other brands before.

Vadim 2019-06-02

Lexus 2,4 l

На моем лексусе 3 дня полет нормальный

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Subaru 2.0

Thank. Works good

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Эмулятор сажи

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Спасибо, катаюсь, все хорошо

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Проблему моего дизельного Аутбэка получилось решить только эмулятором. машина 2013г. выпуска, пробег 93000 км.
До этого никто проблему с сажевиком решить не мог.

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Эмулятор и прошивка мерседес 2014г.

После попытки перешить мозги начали появляться чеки и отключаться круиз контроль. Пришлось вернуть заводскую прошивку и установить такой эмулятор.
3 месяца, полет нормальный!

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SK-05 - отличный эмулятор. 6 месяцев - полет нормальный. Рекомендую !!

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Рено меган 1,5

Установил эмулятор. Все работает, Доволен!

Alfredo 2015-07-27

Toyota Avensis

Excellent support. All right

анатолий 2015-07-05


Купил эмулятор со скидкой на фиат добло 1.6 мультиджет.работает отлично.большое спасибо

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Hino Dutro

Недавно установил эмулятор на этот автомобиль. Появилась тяга. Значок на панели больше не горит.

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Citroen C4 E-Hdi

Машина 2011г. Пробег 137т. км. дилеры приговорили сажевый фильтр, озвучили весьма непомерную цену за оригинальную запчасть.
Нашел альтернативу в качестве эмулятора.
Очень рад, что решил эту проблему на много дешевле, чем могло бы быть.

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Toyota RAV-4 2.2

Things are good.

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Опель комбо

Установил на Опель Комбо 1,3. Все работает. Результатом доволен.

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Тайота рав 4

Решил проблему на ура! Реально всё работает на 100%

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particulate filter emulator SK-05

particulate filter emulator SK-05

• savings in cleaning, repair and replacement of the particulate filter (cost of new filter is starting at $1000);

no warning light (OBD error regarding FAP filter);

warranty 1 year (extended warranty and special price for wholesale customers) with free technical support by email;

ATTENTION! Appeared fake emulators SK-05. Buy emulators only like in the photos on this site.

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