To fulfill your order, we need time to process it. Typically, the time is from 1 to 24 hours, and in some cases it can increase due to receipt of the order at night, on weekends or holidays. Term of delivery depending on the postal company is 3 to 14 days. There may be other ways of delivery as agreed upon between the customer and our representative.

Our advantages

You can return any product purchased from us within 2 weeks, if for some reason it does not suit you or you do not like it. Also, we provide a free test of the Brown's gas generator for a period up to 1 month!

On all products we sell, we offer a guarantee for a period from 1 to 2 years (depending on the type of product).

Most of goods we offer can improve the performance of a car without violation of the guarantee for it.

Most of the products we offer we produce ourselves! This enables our customers not only to purchase products at competitive prices, but also to make clear immediately all the questions they have on the installation and use of the devices.