HHO system generator
HHO system generator

HHO system generator

HHO hydrogen generator with a complete set of automation. Generator is able to maintain the fuel mixture, the operating current as a function of speed...

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For cars with up to 2 liters. 448 грн
Для авто с объёмом до 3 л. 475 грн
Для авто с объёмом до 4 л. 502 грн
For cars with up to 5 liters. 529 грн
For cars with up to 6-8 liters. (24 V) 1 663 грн
For cars with up to 12-16 liters. (24 V) 1 920 грн
For cars with up to 9-11 liters. (24 V) 1 798 грн

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HHO automatic system generator

The advantages of this system over analogues:

  • Full automation of the process;
  • Automatic stabilization parameters;
  • Automatic control of gas production to the needs of the engine;
  • High-speed self-healing protection;
  • Simple and clear signaling of the electrolyte density and efficiency;
  • Gas Purification from unwanted impurities;
  • Everything needed to complete the installation;
  • Smooth start and automatic shut-off engine stopped;
  • For injection cars equipped with the system module capable of accurately maintain a given composition of the fuel mixture

Principle of operation and appointment

The combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines are not effective. In the best case, the engine car burns only 40% of fuel, the remaining 60% - burning down in the exhaust pipe.

 Brown gas generator (the gas is alsocalled: Brown gas, HHO gas, water gas, hydrogen, di-, hydroxide, hydroxide, green gas, Klein gas oksigidrogen) is designed to produce gas, which is used to intensify the process of combustion in internal combustion engines. Due to the intensification of the phenomena of combustion achieved significant fuel savings and increase engine power. Another advantage of this system is to reduce harmful emissions engine, improves the environment.

Brown gas generator SuperAquaCar (SAC) consists of the electrolyzer (the electrodes are made of a special stamp acid-proof stainless steel, electrochemical treatment of the past), a circulating reservoir  management system (modulator) ,  the optimizer fuel mixture (for injection cars). The way the gas is based on the phenomenon of electrolysis water. Circulator tank intended for the qualitative separation of gas from the water, as well as the supply gas generator electrolyte.

 In the  electrolysis chemical reactions with the release of hydrogen and oxygen (Brown gas) from a special electrolyte consisting of distsillirovanoy water and catalyst. Chemical formula of our catalyst is that it does not stand out from the gas and remains in the water, which eliminates the chance of getting it into the engine. The resulting gas leaves the tube from the top fitting of the electrolyzer and goes into a separate container - the "water gate", coming from the bottom of it pieces, there is cleansed of the foam and rise above the water level in the form of gas, which implies a vlagoulavlivayuschy filter and through a check valve in the air manifold and into the combustion chamber.Also from the "water gate" water goes to the second tube through the lower fitting back into the electrolyzer, thus is the circulation of fluid through the system.

Pic.1. Development of Brown gas by electrolysis.

Принцип электролиза

As a result of combustion gas produced dry steam, which in turn clears the valve-piston group of fouling, improves the heat exchange between the saddle and valve, which increases engine life. Also, due to a decrease in fuel consumption, increased service capability, mileage fuel injectors, reduces sagryaznenie oil in the engine and increased service capability, mileage.

        Office of Gas Production produced modulator (PWM), depending on the crankshaft speed and temperature of the electrolyzer. The modulator is an intelligent electronic device, which allows ipolzovat resonance phenomena in the electrolyzer.

Due to the special method of current modulation is achieved by the maximum system performance. It also provides lower power consumption and production of gas at lower speeds crankshaft, this feature prevents battery discharge and unload an electric car. On modern cars reduces power consumption at idle also implies a reduction in fuel consumption as the developing elektoenergii accompanied by an increase in engine fuel, which is used to maintain the nominal rotation frequency of the crankshaft..

        As the process of combustion with Brown's gas is improved, for maximum fuel economy of the engine is desirable to adjust the fuel mixture in comparison with conventional treatment without compromising power. In this regard, we have developed optimizer ratio of fuel mixture. Optimiser helps withdrawal of the engine in the most optimal mode when working with Brown's gas, it can be achieved the maximum possible efficiency. To correct the fuel mixture can be applied and chip tuning.

         Each liter of water expands to 1866 liters of fuel gas. You will not need to carry with a container with gas, and the entire liter of water in the tank under the hood! One liter of water is enough for 30 - 40 hours away.

        System «SuperAquaCar» can be additionally equipped and other systems for fuel economy, increase the result.


Technical characteristics


Nominal output gas, l / min


Limited to a maximum input current, A *


The range of automatic control of power consumption and output of gas, %

10 … 100

Operating frequency modulator KHz

0,25 ... 3

The range of automatic control of power consumption in excess of the maximum operating temperature, %

0 … 100

The range of automatic control of power consumption in excess of the maximum operating temperature of the electrolyzer, %

0 .... 100

Maximum limits the temperature of the electrolyzer, C


Protection against short circuit in the electrolyzer

is (50 or 90А)

Soft start, seconds


Stabilization of the current electrolyzer

there is


* – At 2500 rpm, 50 ° C











Circulating tank




Modulator current




Filter antiwater









350 g

The amount depends on system design


Clamps for wiring




Clamps for attaching hoses




Optimizer mixture


Delivered as agreed


Sensor crankshaft rotation


Only diesel


Tube polireutanovaya m



Download the user manual to a set(Format pdf, 3Mb)

Download instructions to the optimizer SD-04 (1,3 Mb, pdf)

Download instructions to automatic PWM M1-03  (pdf)


System «SuperAquaCar» can be additionally equipped and other systems for fuel economy, increase the result.

        Our system of "SAC" is the most effective and safest of all similar systems, in the Ukrainian market through the use of appropriate technologies.

Under development system "SAC" for tractors and other heavy equipment.

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You will experience a huge positive, from the recognition of the fact that your car really takes the energy from water - is going on the water!

  • Fuel type: Бензин, дизель
  • Current limit, A: 5 ... 35
  • Type oxygen sensor: All
  • Type MAF: Analog/impulse
  • A method of processing a signal of the oxygen sensor: Correction or emulation
  • operating frequency: 0,25 ... 3 кГц
  • Software: В комплекте (для инжектора)
  • Power: 12 или 24В
  • Fuel Economy: 20 ... 40%
  • Warranty: 1 year
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ответ Руслану

Здравствуйте, Руслан Мерседес 616 может иметь систему впрыска топлива common rail и обычный впрыск.
На моторе 2.4 используется простой впрыск. На нем газ брауна будет эффективен.
На более новых моторах (например 2.2 и 3.0) Используется впрыск common rail. Ввиду особенностей впрыска common rail, эффект от этой системы очень не значительный в большинстве случаев. Поэтому, использовать генератор водорода совместно с системами common rail не целесообразно. Если хотите узнать более подробно, почему так - звоните

Руслан 2021-11-26

Генератор газа брауна

Для дизельного двигателя 2.4Д подойдет ?
Двигатель мерседес 616

Админ 2016-08-18

Ответ Роману

С ГБО поставить можно. Но экономию мы гарантируем только с бензином и дизелем с обычным ТНВД.
Установкой есть кому заняться.

Роман 2016-08-18


Проверка. Если есть реальная возможность оставить отзыв - значит есть вероятность что НЕ липа...
С ГБО есть опыт эксплуатации?
Установкой есть кому заняться?

Евгений 2014-10-13

Opel Astra

Пользуюсь системой уже 2 года. Результатом очень доволен. Расход по трассе при скорости 100км/ч - 4л, по городу 6л/100км. Сегодня звонил за консультацией как промыть систему. Мне вежливо все объяснили.

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HHO system generator

HHO system generator

HHO hydrogen generator with a complete set of automation. Generator is able to maintain the fuel mixture, the operating current as a function of speed...

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