Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3
Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

Fuel savings of up to 30%

Increasing the boost pressure and a large increase in power

Suppression of detonation

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Water injection system engine «Ecomax - 3" Unit price Выбрать
Electronic block Ecomax - 3 228 грн
For injection 4-cylinder engine with automatic pump 325 грн
For gasoline engines up to 3.2 liters with Automatic pump 311 грн

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How does it work?

Some notes


Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

 Ecomax FULL

Water injection system allows you to:

  • increase engine power *
  • reduce fuel consumption *
  • eliminate detonation
  • reduce shock loads on the crank-piston group
  • eliminate carbon deposits in the combustion chamber
  • the use of fuel with lower octane
  • the possibility of the change parameter chip tuning without a firmware controller car not even advanced users in process of the usages simple striking on keys (for system Ecomax! FULL )
  • image of the consuption fuel

Operation principles of Ecomax-2

The water is fed to the pump with the filter, then under high pressure — blast nozzle. The nozzle is installed on inlet manifold in such a way as to create a fine mixture of water and air. The pump and nozzle receive control signals from the control unit, brain of which is a micro-ECM. Micro - ECM calculates the portion of water individually for each engine stroke. Micro - ECM operates mathematical expressions in which values obtained from sensors and values that were entered in the memory of your system at debugging are substituted.

If the device is installed on the engine with injector fuel injection, the control unit receives and processes control signals received from nozzle metering fuel supply. The control unit also receives and processes signals from engine temperature sensors and water sensors in the tank. Control signals produced by the control unit are sent to the pump and nozzle, which provide water supply. Also signals affecting the fuel supply are generated thus maximum efficiency of the system is reached.

The maximum efficiency of the system is achieved due to the immediate correction of fuel injection time. The oxygen sensor signal is generated by the block Ecomax-2 so that the vehicle computer normally reacts to interference.

If the device is installed on the engine with the carburettor, the control unit processes the signals from the ignition coil, temperature sensor, throttle plate position sensor, water sensor. For the most effective work of the device with the carburettor it is necessary to configure the carburettor (it is necessary to reduce the fuel supply). Control signals produced by the control unit are sent to the pump and nozzle, which provide the water supply.

Подключение системы экономии топлива Ecomax-2

Map (table) or the fuel injection water

Table water injection

Record engine parameters on schedule

real time graf

Setting emulator Oxygen sensor

Таблица эмуляции лямбда

Some notes

1. Maximum efficiency is achieved when water injection zabednenii fuel mixture up to 50% (when properly configured, air / fuel ratio / water), depending on the combination of factors.

2. Maximum torque is available at the ratio of air and fuel 13,2:1

3. Water injection - for forcing the engine is most effective in 50/50 ethanol / water (or methanol) and water. (on recommendation of foreign colleagues)

4. Water injection requires the installation of an earlier firing angle (on 2 - 4 ), as compared to conventional engine. In injection engines firing angle setting is made automatically.

5. Excessive advance ignition timing will cause the fall of power and overheating.

6. Quality of spraying water mixture - is directly related to the effectiveness of the system. Smaller droplets cool the combustion chamber better and more evenly.

7. Water injection allows you to operate at a higher compression ratio without detonation on low-octane fuel. The higher the compression ratio increases the torque and engine efficiency.

8. Cooling potential hot spots in the combustion chamber eliminates surface ignition , which is the most devastating form of uncontrolled burning in the combustion chamber.

 * - The effect can be obtained with susceptibility to detonation engine, increasing the degree Burn it, increasing the boost pressure, using zabednennyh fuel mixtures and low-octane gasoline.

  Often assigned questions



Why increases the power?

      Water enters through the nozzle into the intake manifold pressure in the form of tiny drops of water. Then, moving on intake manifold, the water mixes with the atomized fuel. In this case, fuel envelops micro droplets of water (imagine a bucket of water to which was added a few drops of fuel - the fuel will be on the surface).

      In the cylinder, the team a spark plug ignites the mixture (imagine a bucket of water, which floats on the surface of petrol, try to put a lighted match to the bucket, gasoline turns). Burning - a chemical reaction of oxidation of fuel with oxygen contained in the air. In the course of this reaction, releasing large amounts of heat and gas, which pushes the piston (peak temperature ofcombustion in the cylinder - 20000  C). In our case, the combustion process (fuel oxidation) occurs on the surface of micro-droplets of water, resulting in water turns into steam, which increases in volume approximately 400 times. Thus, thermal energy is converted into   steam, which helps push the plunger. In addition, enveloping micro droplets of water, the surface area of fuel increasing significantly, which affects the combustion efficiency improved.

      In the case of water, the system will have maximum efficiency at the optimum ratio of fuel / air / water / temperature / pressure. For example, by increasing the water supply to exert more energy for its evaporation, so water will not evaporate effectively. If you reduce the amount of water, the residual heat will fly out the chimney in the literal and figurative sense.
Why possible go on impoverished mixture?  Because theuse of water is lost detonation, (as we know, not rich fuel mixture provokes detonation). The resulting steam is additional volume, surface area of the fuel increases due to the fact that fuel envelops micro droplets of water and this leads to more complete combustion


Will corrode the engine?

.   No, because water is supplied only on the hot engine. Getting on the hot surface of the engine, the water evaporates quickly, is sucked into the cylinders, and then released into the atmosphere.       Did you know that gasoline contain a certain amount of water. Nevertheless, the engines are hundreds of thousands of kilometers without rust. For example, the same situation with the usual alcohol  96%, which contains 4%   water. Get Alcohol 100% is difficult, and if his place in an open vessel - the "ideal" alcohol immediately absorbs atmospheric moisture, which will take 4% of alcohol. The difference of alcohol and gasoline is that in excess of the critical ratio of water / alcohol (gasoline) water soluble in alcohol and does not dissolve in gasoline, so motorists are panic-stricken fear of water in the tank.

     Did you know that the complete removal   water from gasoline - gasoline is no longer burn! But this does not apply to that water, which is contained in the form of suspensions in the tank.

    Did you know that the burning of methane produced water? You can ask the owners of gas plants if they have any rust in the engine?

Is it possible to hydro blow?

. Everyone knows that water - it is an incompressible fluid. And if a large amount of water enters the cylinder, is water hammer and the destruction of the engine.

In our case, water enters the cylinder in the form of micro-droplets, which occupy a volume not exceeding 1 / 20 the volume of air. Air, in turn, can be compressed into a very large range. Thus, the injection of water can lead to a hydraulic shock.

Due to which the injection of water helps cool the engine?

Water has a higher heat, so turning into vapor, water absorbs some heat energy, which are formed in the engine.

To account what is got economy?  

Great effect cost savings and increase the power available at predisposition to detonation engine (most domestic cars), increasing the degree of szhetiya, increased boost pressure, using zabednennyh fuel mixtures and low-octane gasoline

The economic effect is achieved by increasing engine power (conversion of thermal energy released into steam, which helps push the piston) and the depletion of the fuel mixture, the ability to drive low-octane gasolines.

In injection engines depleted fuel mixture is as follows: control system injection engines (ECM) is a self-learning automatization control system, which analyzes the external effects and by a given algorithm determines the right amount of fuel and generates control signals for the injectors. Water injection to the electronic control unit (ECU) of the car - is an additional external influence, which leads to an increase in torque. In response, the impact of the control unit under the program may be pledged to reduce the dosage of fuel. If the car is installed «Ecomax! FULL», the computer receives an additional external influence via the oxygen sensor. This allows you to adjust the quality of the mixture in a large scale and to obtain a greater effect.

In gasoline engines, lean-produced by replacing the main jet at the nozzle with a smaller section.

Why can ride on low-octane gasoline?

Because the main difference between the 95 th and 80 th gasoline is only a detonation resistance, and water injection completely suppresses detonation.

2015 BMW M4 Coupe MotoGP safety car water injection system detailed


A little history

         In the largest accounts, any conversation on the topic of innovations for the car   You can start with the fact that most of the technologies used today, was known for a hundred years ago (and it's pumping, injection of nitrogen and much more), and eighty percent of the processes occurring in the cylinder, have not been studied to the end and to this day.

As already noted, much of the technology is not new, and the first experiments with injection of water into the engine began in the 1930s (the first patent for such a system was issued in the USSR in 1934!). In those days no one and did not even think about using this technology for added power or fuel economy - experiments were performed in order to avoid the phenomenon of detonation (explosion of the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder, instead of progressive combustion). Around the same time in the United States conducted research on water injection, whose aim is to study the processes occurring in the engine and the use of water injection in aircraft engines. The original research paper can be downloaded HERE . You can also download the original document.

"Investigation of injection of water into the engine internal  combustion as facility of the internal cooling the aircraft engines "

That is to increase the power injection of water, along with injection of nitrous oxide was first used during World War II in aircraft engines. In Germany "on water" flew the famous "Messer" in the Soviet Union - IL, MiG. However, the advent of jet engines did not apply this technology in aviation.

Would have stayed a water injection forgotten if not for the plight of the economy in the postwar years. The system once again began to be applied, allowing the use of gasoline with lower octane without sacrificing engine power. With the development of water injection can be found reading the article The history of water injection

Although we say "water injection", in fact, pure good old H 2 O allows a greater extent, reduce detonation (plus, acting as an antioxidant, prevents deposition of carbon compounds). And now explain why.

Water has a very high heat, thereby reducing the temperature of incoming air, and as we know from school physics course, to squeeze more cold air is required to expend less energy. Vaporized in the combustion chamber, the water increases in volume, and therefore increases the pressure inside the cylinder, and hence observed increase in power.

        Useful will remind that nor one system  can be fully used without engine tuning - it or lean, or increase the pressure, or the earlier the ignition. "Sharpened" aircraft engines since Luftwaffe had the device for automatic lean mixture during the water injection . In our case, auto-tuning involved in micro-computer unit Ecomax!, Which calculates all necessary parameters.

       And most "tasty" - it is correct installed and configured the system is absolutely safe for the engine! Even more - as already mentioned, the water prevents the deposition of carbon compounds! In short, when all the rot iron, the motor still get your grandchildren.

  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Type oxygen sensor: Zirconia
  • Type MAF: Analog
  • A method of processing a signal of the oxygen sensor: emulation
  • Software: included
  • Power: 12В
  • Fuel Economy: 20 ... 40%
  • Warranty: 1 year
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На таких моторах примерно до начала 2000-х, часто бензиновые форсунки включены параллельно по 2 шт. В таком случае можно использовать 1 блок Ecomax для 8 форсунок.
Если каждая форсунка из 8-ми или 12-ти управляется отдельно, тогда, для коррекции подачи топлива, можно применить оптимизатор SD-04 дополнительно. Или установить 2 блока экомакс.
Есть еще нюанс. Экомакс не поддерживает широкополосные лямбды. И если потребуется с ними работать, тогда оптимизатор нужен обязательно.
На данный момент спрос на подобные системы снизился. Поэтому глобальных доработок системы не предвидится.

VIT 2019-11-18

V - образка

А если цилиндров более чем 4 ... Скажем 6 .. 8 ...12 ..? Только не шутите предложением купить два или три комплекта )) Ждем коррекции этого нюанса. Как только будут многоцилиндровые версии, сразу присоединимся.

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Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

Fuel savings of up to 30%

Increasing the boost pressure and a large increase in power

Suppression of detonation

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