HHO gas welding
HHO gas welding

HHO gas welding

Automated system for gas welding based on Brown's gas generator

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Hydrogen welding machine

Oxyhydrogen flame has great efficiency and is a preferable alternative of oxygen flame, for welding, brazing and cutting.
Oxyhydrogen welding machine partially substitutes welding and brazing in the inert gas environment (argon, for instance), and in contrast to the standard gas welding techniques, it is fully harmless, as the combustion product is water vapor.
Oxyhydrogen welding machine may be used for a wide range of the materials processed: any steel, nonferrous and precious metals, glass, ceramics, gold, etc. 
For operation of the oxyhydrogen welding machine, only water in the low amount (approximately 0.2l per hour) is required.
In order to maintain continuous operation of the hydrogen welding station, it is not necessary to make acetylene and oxygen deposits in cylinders.
Our hydrogen welding machine enables to perform a wide range of activities: from welding, micro welding, brazing with needle-sized flame to cutting of sheet steel with depth of up to 10 mm and more. Generally, the oxyhydrogen mixture is not only a cheap alternative of the oxyacetylene one, but also prevails it in terms of technological capabilities.
The hydrogen welding unit may operate without interruption.
Using oxyhydrogen flame reduces the workplace maintenance costs, there are no production wastes, and it is absolutely harmless, as vapor is the combustion product.

Advantage of this machine over its analogues

1. greater capability at low dimensions
2. stable pressure
3. special plate manufacturing technology provides great service-life 
4. application of PWM enables to reduce power inputs and weight of the equipment
5. intelligent control
6. automatic and manual control
7. usability 
8. durability and convenient maintenance
9. convenient power control 
10. extensive range of application
11. high quality at low cost
12. high efficiency and convenience compared to the gas cylinder equipment
13. one machine may be used for working at several workplaces simultaneously. The machine will adapt to staff’s activities on its own, maintaining the required gas pressure within the system automatically.

Automation facilitates the transition from using the cylinders to the intelligent, up-to-date, and economical equipment. You have the same torch, principle of gas consumption control at your disposal, and the device will do the rest for you on its own.

Comparison of operating costs for the welding equipment

Standard gas cylinder in Ukraine:

  • Cost of a 40l acetylene cylinder – 50$/unit.
  • Filling of 40l acetylene cylinder – 40$/unit.
  • Cost of a 50l propane/butane cylinder – 35$/unit.
  • Filling of a 50l propane/butane cylinder – 15$/unit.
  • Cost of a 40l oxygen cylinder – 50$/unit.
  • Filling of a 40l oxygen cylinder – 6$/unit.
  • Pressure regulator + manometer – 15$.
  • Cost of the package with the acetylene cylinder – 161$.
  • Cost of the package with the propane/butane cylinder – 121$. (excluding hoses, torches, etc.)

Cost of expendable materials for 5 workdays (30 work hours).

  • 1 acetylene cylinder + 10 oxygen cylinders = 100$.
  • 1,3 propane/butane cylinder + 10 oxygen cylinders = 80$.
  •  + delivery of cylinders, the cost of which frequently exceeds the cost of gas itself.

Cost of oxyhydrogen gas welding equipment:
Estimated cost – 1300$.
Cost of expendable materials for 5 workdays (30 work hours). 
Averaged power – 2,5 kW/hour
2,5 х 30 = 75 kW/hour (electric power consumption for 30 hours)
75 х 0,05 = 3,75. (approximate cost of electric power for 30 hours)
Water consumption – 15l.
15 х 0,1 = 1,5$. (cost of distilled water)
3,75 + 1,5 = 5,25$. (costs for 30 work hours)
Cost of expendable materials for 5 work days (30 work hours).

  • acetylene + oxygen = 100$.
  • propane/butane + oxygen = 80$.
  • water + electric power = 5, 25 $.

The pay-off period at a 5-day workweek will be equal to 1300$ / (100$ - 5.25$ ) = 14 weeks (3,5 months)
After 3,5 months you will be able to receive an additional profit of 95$ a week or 380$ dollars a month!


  • Power supply - 220 (380)V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption - 4 kW
  • Gas pressure - 0,4 atm.
  • Max flame temperature - 2600 - 3000 ºC
  • Gas mixture capacity – from 0 to 16,6 l/min.
  • Average water consumption - 225 cm3/h
  • Continuous work time - 8 hours
  • Depth of welded steel – from 0,1 to 5 mm.
  • Dimensions - 695x265x340 mm.
  • Weight excluding fluids - 40 kg


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HHO gas welding

HHO gas welding

Automated system for gas welding based on Brown's gas generator

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