Attraction "Super reaction"
Attraction "Super reaction"

Attraction "Super reaction"

Exciting attraction - test for agility. With statistics and voice acting.

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Super reaction

How does it work?

Pressing the button starts the game, level 1. After starting, sticks begin to fall in random order. The player's task is to catch all the sticks, for which he can receive a prize (drawing a prize attracts customers). When you press the start button again, the next level of the game is turned on. There are 4 levels in total.

The beginning of the game, releasing the sticks and the end of the game are voiced, you can record your own clips for voice acting. If the volume of the built-in speaker is not enough, then it is possible to connect external acoustics (for example, computer speakers).

The main parameters are also configured: the speed of releasing the sticks, the increase in speed with increasing level, how much faster each next stick will fall.

Statistics on the number of sessions are available and cannot be reset. Voltage readings when operating on battery power, the game is launched with a key fob to exclude strangers pressing the buttons.

The attraction can be installed on the street or in a shopping center. Can be powered by battery if needed. Easy to install and use.

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Attraction "Super reaction"

Attraction "Super reaction"

Exciting attraction - test for agility. With statistics and voice acting.

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