Adblue Emulator (SCR)
Adblue Emulator (SCR)

Adblue Emulator (SCR)

Carbamide emulator Adblue (SCR systems)
Allows to turn off the carbamide system (SCR) including NOx sensor

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For Cummins, Scania 38 грн
other cars 38 грн

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Adblue Emulator (SCR)

 Adblue emulator The emulator is designed to remove faulty system of carbamide injection and NOx sensor. It is installed in cases, when components of carbamide injection system are faulty, you don't want to use carbamide or NOx sensor is faulty.

To connect the emulator is quite easy. You need to connect only 4 wires - power supply and CAN bus. At the same time the module Adblue and NOx sensor are disconnected.

This emulator does not require a working system Adblue (carbamide) on the vehicle and completely replaces it. It does not require to reset errors. After emulator is installed, you will not see errors “Check Engine” (which are related to system Adblue in the diagnostic system of the vehicle) pop-up.

On what cars can the emulator be installed

The carbamide emulator supports virtually all trucks and buses:

  • AdBlue Mercedes (only with Bosch AdBlue system)
  • AdBlue MAN
  • AdBlue Scania
  • AdBlue Iveco
  • AdBlue Volvo
  • AdBlue DAF
  • AdBlue Renault
  • Ford cargo other trucks


Description of the system SCR (of injection Adblue)

SCR — selective catalytic reduction, which means that only NOx and no other oxidizing agent (that is selectiveness) is chemically restored to nitrogen and water on a special catalyst.

The global vehicle manufacturers use the exhaust gas aftertreatment system SCR for diesel engines of their vehicles in order to comply with the modern environmental friendliness standards for exhaust gases. It is difficult or impossible to achieve compliance with the requirements of the standards Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6 without this system, that’s why most modern trucks with diesel engines are equipped with this system.

The aqueous carbamide solution is used as a reducing agent in these systems.

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Adblue Emulator (SCR)

Adblue Emulator (SCR)

Carbamide emulator Adblue (SCR systems)
Allows to turn off the carbamide system (SCR) including NOx sensor

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