What is the best way to get rid of the catalyst. Firmware, simulator or electronic emulator

Of course, each “specialist” recommends to the car owner the most profitable own way to solve the problem, frightening this one with the shortcomings of other ways. Every merchant tries to sell own goods, and this issue is not just about the catalyst.

In this article, I will try to evaluate the various ways to solve the problem with the catalyst in the most objective way, despite the fact that we are dealing mostly with emulators. If you do not agree with something - please leave as a feedback, and I will do some changes to the article after discussion. What is better: firmware, emulator or snag - spacer

Now there are five ways to solve the problem with a faulty catalyst. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Which way to choose, it's up to you.

1. Installation of a new catalyst or universal catalyst. Is the most correct way, but looking at the smoking plants (I am from Ukraine, Zaporozhye), the cost of the catalyst and other factors - the car owner somehow often does not choose this option. Universal catalysts are less efficient and therefore may not work on some vehicles.

2. The simulator is a spacer under the lambda sensor. There is even a simulator with a “mini-catalyst”. Is one of the cheap solutions, works mainly on older cars. On new cars doesn’t work or have a bad impact on the consumption due to the direct impact of the second lambda on the fuel correction. Lambda may not warm up to operating temperature.

3. The simplest lambda signal filter based on resistor and capacitor. Works well mainly on older cars. On new cars doesn’t work or have a bad impact on the consumption.

4. Firmware. A popular way due to the relative simplicity and affordable price: is about $50. In order to avoid unforeseen consequences, one should contact only verified specialists. Low price should be an alert, as professionals usually does use expensive hardware and software. If for older cars there are factory programs without a second lambda, then for new ones they modify the programs, independently changing some areas of the program in the ECU, and this fact can harm others functions as everything here is interconnected.  Also, on new cars, the program in the ECU takes into account the readings of the second lambda for correction of fuel supply and this algorithm in the program usually remains, which can lead to an increase of fuel consumption.

5. Electronic lambda emulator. Price up to $50 per 1 sensor. It can replace the faulty second lambda sensor. Requires the work of an electrician with the subsequent check of the result, after all, the human factor has not been canceled. Cannot be detected by diagnostic. Even on vehicles with fuel adjustments on the second lambda works normally and normalize the consumption. The result also depends on the technical condition of the engine - there are cases when due to other problems with the engine, error codes on the second lambda appears. An adequately configured autogas system (if installed) is required for the emulator to work properly.

Table. Comparison of different ways of disabling the catalyst.

  Lambda Spacer  Resistor with capacitor  Firmware ECU  Electronic Emulator
 Price  5$ + work   1$ + work   From 50 $  Up to $50 for 1 channel + electrician job
 Is lambda supposed to be working?  Yes   Yes   Usually not necessarily  Not necessarily, the emulator can replace it
 To decrease the lambda resource  Yes, due to the accumulation of soot layer, incorrect operation mode  No  No   No 
 Possible problems with the lambda heating  Yes   No   No  No 
 Work on cars with Euro 4 and above  With a high probability no or increase the consumption  With a high probability no or increase the consumption  Yes   Yes 
 Detection capability   Visually and according to scanner readings  According to the scanner's readings, visually little visible  Only through diagnostics  Only visually — if poorly hidden
 Advantages  Simplicity and cheapness  Simplicity and cheapness  No additional devices are needed. Can disable lambda on many cars  Can replace lambda, consumption does not increase, can not be detected through diagnostics
 Disadvantages  Only for old cars. On the new ones does not help and may increase the consumption.
Lambda runs in the wrong thermal mode
 Only for old cars. On the new ones does not help and may increase the consumption  When you refer to some “specialists”, there may be side effects in the form of fuel consumption or incorrect operation of some functions (for example, the "check" will never light up)  Possibility of visual detection. 

If gas is installed, for some machines it must be set clearly.

It is necessary to connect 4 wires correctly.

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