Comparison of gas injectors

This article compares and analyzes the most common gas burners

Increasingly, experts on setting of compressed gas equipment face the problems caused by compressed gas equipment during its seemingly correct configuration, and adequate, at first glance, values of all the important parameters. For example, errors can occur on a poor or a rich mixture, catalyst, unstable operation of the engine. In many cases, this is caused by the degradation of the dynamic characteristics of the gas burners with time or upon warming up, such as the spread of performance under different loads, shimming and others.

The gas burners Hana, Romana, Valtek, Omvel were taken for testing. The influence of the deviation of the main dynamic parameters on performance of engine with compressed gas equipment of 4th generation was analyzed. All measurements were made with GBO injector tester device.

The figure below shows the graphs of pressure of the different burners at the output in comparison with the driving pulse.

Comparison of gas injectors

What conclusion can be made after analyzing of this test.

  1. Speed ones will romana hana omvel but this is a reaction to the opening
  2. The reaction to the closure is different for all but the worst one is for valtek
  3. Hana has the optimum performance


Let’s look at the temperature characteristic of gas burners

The figure shows a comparison of cold and hot burners. Cold burner means that it has the temperature of 20 C degrees. The warmed up of 60 degrees is hot.

The yellow graph – cold burner, the green curve - warmed up burner

Characteristics of cold and hot nozzles HBO

The graphs show the difference in average by 0.3%. But at the beginning, the difference is bigger exactly in the range of main work. With such characteristics, we can get the error of incorrect gas settings, and this is not the worst result. Although, when the gas burners warm up, everything will be fine.

The figure below shows the outlet pressure of hot and cold burners in time at one the driving pulse.

time at one the driving pulse

The picture above shows the difference of performance between the cold and the warmed up burners. Green Zone is warmed up burner. Along the edges there are lots of green light – it shows how much gas allowed the burner on the cold. The burners, which are structurally closer to gasoline ones, will always have more stable characteristics.

You can get more information by reading this article Video - lecture on diagnostics of gas burners

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