Оборудование ЧИП-тюнинга

  • Chip tuning device (box) – Increase of power and economy of your engine

    The power gain in safe mode is usually 15... 20%. At the request of the client we can extract from the engine everything it can, increasing fuel supply and charging pressure as much as it possible, and achieving 30 ... 40% of power gain. The economy of fuel up to 20% may be achieved. 

    6 000 грн
  • alternative chip tuning SD-04

    To itself CHIP tuning! The Processor optimizer (EFIE) fuel mixture for ingector SD-04 Optimizers is intended for correcting the factors of the engine. Can be used as alternative CHIP tuning engine for Your auto. This equipment under power even that cars, on which CHIP tuning is difficult.

    2 880 грн
  • Преобразователь сигнала SP-01

    Преобразователь сигнала широкополосного лямбда зонда в сигнал циркониевого SP-01

    840 грн
  • Water injection system Ecomax-2, 3

    Fuel savings of up to 30% Increasing the boost pressure and a large increase in power Suppression of detonation

    8 880 грн
  • Emulator of oxygen sensor and MAF SK-04

    Emulator SK-04 is designed to regenerate (emulate) the signals of oxygen sensors and any other analogue signal within the range 0 …. 5B. There is the possibility to correct the mixture in separate engine run modes with the use of computer.

    1 900 грн

Our advantages

You can return any product purchased from us within 2 weeks, if for some reason it does not suit you or you do not like it. Also, we provide a free test of the Brown's gas generator for a period up to 1 month!

On all products we sell, we offer a guarantee for a period from 1 to 2 years (depending on the type of product).

Most of goods we offer can improve the performance of a car without violation of the guarantee for it.

Most of the products we offer we produce ourselves! This enables our customers not only to purchase products at competitive prices, but also to make clear immediately all the questions they have on the installation and use of the devices.